Pretty little liars characters birthdays

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pretty little liars characters birthdays

Here is the list of all of the PLL stars birthdays! JANUARY Julian Morris AKA Wren Kim - January 13th, Chad Lowe AKA Byron Montgomery, Aria's dad. Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Which Pretty Little Liars Character You Truly Are. May 3, . While Emily's birthday is known to be Nov. 19th, we've gotta say that. I have updated my pll timeline with all of the main characters birthdays (or year of birth). I thought I would just post the updated list for anyone trying to make.

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In the season 4 finale, Alison reveals that Mona helped her the night she was hit over the head and convinced her to go into hiding. Aria Montgomery Lucy Hale the group's "artsy girl", who returns to Rosewood with her family after spending a year in Iceland. We need our fictional TV boyfriends, girlfriends, frenemies, parents and potential A suspects just as much as we need our four A-fighting heroines. When I think of one I'll let you know! Could it be hinting that the killer is connected to Ravenswood? It then flashes to a person in Alison's red jacket walking up to Mona in the mental hospital. But the girls are not done with "A" yet.


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LIVE WETTE Cece and her whole story is a cover for Charles. July 22, Emily: This implies that Mona, like many others, was just working for "A. PLL CRAZY NESS My name is Ness I'm a PLL crazy fan who wants to share hints,clues and theories. I shared hoping to find answers.
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Must be a Scorpio thing. Aria even says to Ella that she had known for a year. That makes her a Sagittarius. I should be sleeping right. She moves back to Rosewood with her family after living in Iceland for a year. MY ENCORE - LATEST THEORY Hi Everyone - DID Schach gegen computer spielen MISS ME?


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