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I was looking to buy a block of around 20 IP Addresses with my own whois info. Does anyone know of any sites that sell IP's or where to obtain. One possible option is for your organization to buy IPv4 addresses from only paid $11 per IP address for a good sized block of addresses. Can I buy my own IP address? I don't want to buy a dedicated IP from a host, but rather I want to buy my own IP that is registered in ICANN's. In other words, larger blocks are more economical and the larger the block the lower the cost per-IP-address. Originally Posted by ingip. William Hilsum k 14 Generally you need to be an ISP of some sort. And if you can't follow this, I'm always up for consultation . buy ip address


How to point domain name to an IP Address of VPS Server

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RIPE also publishes a list of their authorized address brokers. How to Use AI to Serve Your Customers Better. I am not sure on all RIR fees as they all have different prices and structures e. Conclusions Over time, IPv4 address may be treated like other scarce resources. Organizations that want to continue to grow their Internet-reachable systems will need to acquire addresses from service providers or find alternative sources of IPv4 addresses. Each price by block size within Region is therefore indicative of current seller expectation and buyers can apply these prices to support internal planning and budgeting processes.


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